For pick and drop facility, the school has its own fleet of 10 Buses. Our school bus picks students from within 60KMS of radius of Neemuch and outskirts of Neemuch
• School buses with stops only at the designated points.

• Buses do not wait for late-comers.

• No one should board / leave the bus till it makes a complete stop.

• Students are advised not to bring eatables into the bus and not to discard trash inside / outside the bus.

• When the bus is in motion, no part of the body should be taken out by the commuters.

• Unruly behaviour inside the bus will amount to strict disciplinary action.

• A month's notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu of notice should be given before a child discontinues availing the bus services.

Rules & Regulations

S.No. Rules & Regulations
1 No student availing bus facility shall be allowed to withdraw in mid-session.
2 No request/application will be entertained in this regard.
3 Traveling on foot-board is strictly prohibited.
4 Students should not take out any part of their body out of the bus.
5 Do not run to the bus, but walk in a queue.
6 The school shall not be responsible for any untoward happening to the students while they are aboard the buses or on their self arranged conveyance.
7 The bus facility is provided on obligatory basis.
8 Conducting the students, to and from, the bus-stand is the sole responsibility of the parent.
9 No student will be allowed to come to school in a self driven vehicle, except on a bicycle.
10 Undesirable behaviour in the school bus will make the student ineligible to use the school transport.
11 Bus fee shall be charged for complete Ten months.
12 Request of parents to permit students to go back from school, in some other bus to relatives homes will not be entertained. At such times parents are expected to come personally to collect the child after school.