Principal's Desk

The aim of the education is to help the learners to participate in all the activities for bringing about the perfection of body, mind and soul. It is from the portal of the school that creativity emerges and blooms, extends to the community and ultimately to the world.

Patwa Academy For Education is on the endless path of educating the students in its true sense of the term. The main objective of Academy is to provide quality education to its students with giving the necessary emphasis on Co-curricular and extra-circular activities.

The school magazine is the mirror of school activities. It unfolds various aspects of the school ethos and culture. I hope that the current edition of the school magazine will give an insight into the creative skills of the students, right from pre-primary to the senior level. It is a matter of great pleasure that Patwa Academy for Education has made its mark in the field of education. I assure all my parents that we will provide an environment of love and trust to your wards so that they feel secure to expose their hidden talents. The ultimate aim of Patwa Academy is to groom future citizens who will be very committed competent and confident to play their role of global citizens.