Admission Open for New Session

● Admission for PAE is based on Merit, Entrance Exam and an Interview.

● On spot aptitude test is a written test of one hour paper for 50 marks which tests the current grade level of the students, their English skills, and mathematical abilities. There will be an informal discussion with the administration committee members and finally the Principal. Assessment will be based on equal weightage to the student´s performance in the current grade as well as the entrance test. Also the students other talents and achievements will be considered in case he/she does not meet the academic eligibility criteria alone.

Guidelines for Parents

School is a PARTNERSHIP between teachers, students, parents and the community. Let us all work together to make our children successful in every walk of life. Parents teacher meetings (PTM) are conducted on regular basis in school campus after every examination. The parents interact with subject teachers of their wards to seek the opinions about the examination conducted.

● Make home a place for learning. Create a study routine. Set a time and a quiet place for your child to work every day. Help your child practice reading, writing and listening . Stimulate your child's creativity.

● Promote healthy habits. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and exercise and eats balanced meals.

● Be a role model. Your child learns from you. Be positive about school and his education.

● Encourage independence. Allow your child to make mistakes and learn to accept the consequences.

● Give your child responsibilities.

● Get involved. Meet your child's teacher on appointment and attend Parent-Teacher Meet.

● Help raise your child. Help raise your child's self-esteem by setting reachable goals and praising your child's efforts, not just results.

● Insist on good attendance and punctuality.

● Encourage your child to read good books other than the text books at least 15 minutes a day.

● Be sure your child has all essentials, such as papers, books, school notebooks, pencils and a hankerchief etc.

● Ask your child about school each day. Read and act on comments the teacher has made on returned assignments.

● Support your child's teachers as they work with your child throughout the school year.

● Kindly pay the school fees in time.

● Children must not be given any pocket money or eatables while coming to school.

● Parents are requested to explain the rules of the school to their ward.

● Intimate the school immediately, if there is any change in the address or telephone number.

● Children suffering from contagious diseases must not be sent to school.

● Visiting hours for parents : 10.00 A. M. to 11.45 A. M. on all working days except Saturdays.

● On the last Saturday of every month parents can come to meet the subject teachers between 10.00 AM to1.00 PM.

● There will be no re-examination taken for students who fail to appear for the Mid Term or Annual Examination.

● Students are not allowed to wear private uniform while in school, even if it is their birthdays.

● Students are to wear sports uniform only on Wednesdays and House Uniform on Saturday.

● Students are advised to make a valid passport to enable them to be apart of the tour abroad as and when conducted by the school.