Principal Desk

Education is a manifestation of perfection already in man. This ideology of learning reinvigorates my concept of education. But my concept of education evolves a practical approach in keeping with socio-economic changes taking place in the present time. Education I presume, is not exotics in India. There is no country where the love of learning has exercised so lasting and powerful an influence in an everce as the Indian Educational. Indian education in the course of its long history, right from the earliest Vedic period to the present Post-Independence era, has passed through all types of vicissitudes and witnessed various type of political set ups with its corresponding different concepts on education.

I strongly believe in that type of education which enhance man’s status and imparts to him an ever- lasting repute. It elevates not only the living standard; it also constitutes the crown of every one’s life character. We learn to make our life worth living by being able to transcend all our personal benefits and think about the welfare of mankind, it is for that Vedic culture inculcated by Indian education that Swamy Dayanand Saraswati and Swamy Vivekananda’s view on education affected revolutionary changes in the world, especially in the field of education.

It is only through education that children can be self-reliant and philanthropic in their nature. The feeling of integrity originates from children’s being educated. PAE believes in imparting that education which enable children to tear the snares of hypocritical belief and rise above the cancerous feelings of caste, creed and nationalities. Our educational institutions lays greater emphasis on constituting a complete personality than simply making children earn, their bread. Children are taught here to be contributive, and not possessive. Once again we go back to the Upanishadas which strongly advocate the doctrine of Dutta, Damyath and Dayadham- give, sympathise and control.

I conclude quoting Robert Frost:
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But we have promises to keep;
And miles to go before we sleep,
And miles to go before we sleep.