Guidelines for Boarders

Patwa Academy also provides boarding facility to its students based on the concept a Home away home. The boarders residing in boarding house are expected to follow the Code of Conduct for the Boarders.
They are expected to stay within the designated school campus. They have to comply with the following Rules and Regulations during their stay on School Campus or in Boarding House.
(i) They are not allowed to have money in their possession. Money Transaction and exchanging of gifts is not allowed in the Hostel. If they have any money, they are advised to handover it to the House Master. Any money found in their possession will be confiscated.

(ii) No Boarder will be allowed to night – stay outside of the Hostel and to leave the boarding house to go to home alone on the occasion of Holidays or Sunday. Separate authority letter is required if boarder is to be sent alone

(iii) Keeping mobile or any other electronic and electrical item is not allowed. Any violation of these rules will attract penalties and the items will be confiscated.

(iv) No boarder will visit the areas out of bounds like Swimming Pool, Well, Terrace, Staff Quarters etc. If any boarder found violating this rules will be dealt with seriously.

(v) Breaking switch boards, damaging property will be treated as an offence and offence of such nature will be considered seriously and will be dealt with seriously. Boarders may be asked to vacate the boarding house at once.

(vi) If any boarder indulges himself in the tempering or breaking switch boards and at the time of doing so he is hurt or anything happened to him, he himself will be responsible for this untoward incident. School administration will not be responsible under any circumstance for such incident.

(vii) Boarders will set an example of discipline in the Hostel, School, Play ground, Dining Hall, Common Room, even when not supervised.

(viii) There are no space for use of obscene language and any act of bullying in our system. Offenses of such nature are considered serious and there is zero tolerance for this and boarder may be asked to vacate the boarding house at once.

(ix) All the boarders shall maintain cleanliness in the Hostel. They are expected to keep their rooms/ dorms and their surrounding neat, clean and tidy.

(x) All the boarders are requested to participate in the daily routine as indicated in school calendar. Prior permission by the relevant authority is required for any kind of absence.

(xi) The possession and consumption of alcohol and tobacco by students will be treated as immediate expulsion. (xii) Boarders may not lock doors from the inside when in the room/dorm. Indecent and offensive posters are also not allowed.

(xiii) The school authorities have the right to conduct searches and check the belonging of students any time or moment.

(xiv) The purpose of the code of conduct for the boarders is to ensure high safety standard and personal growth of students. The main objective of this policy is to help boarders reflect, take responsibility and change behavior.

(xv) No boarder will hide any ailment/ diseases at the time of admission. If later on school administration comes to know about such diseases his admission will be cancelled.

(xvi) Every boarder has to produces medical certificate of fitness by the registered Medical Officer at the time of admission