Activity Centre

In the sense of being a complete school, Patwa Academy introduces all the students to a plethora of activities. The students get to enhance their English language skills through activities like the Language Lab and the Reading Programme. The principle of the programme is to learn English the natural way, the way a child learns the mother tongue: "Listen, Understand, and Speak".
The language lab enables learners to speak with the correct diction and pronunciation. A language specialist supports the programme which is designed for the whole school.
The Reading programme is designed to improve reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills of the learners. Activities like recitation, extempore, speech, debate and public speaking are taken care of by the Presentation and Communication programme.

Art and Craft activities develop the aesthetic sense in every child, which is an important aspect of holistic development. They comprise clay modelling, sketching, painting etc. Calligraphy is an activity through which students learn to write well, faster and correctly. Through this programme, students are able to develop the note taking capability. At Patwa Academy, we encourage students to take a deep interest in Music and Dance. Through Theatre and Dramatics students learn to express them.

These apart, all the students are exposed to their hobbies with the idea that they undergo some kind of exposure to all these before passing out class 8, provided the child joins the school in class 1.

Games & Sports

Set amidst an eco-friendly, lush green area of over 25 acres, the Academy has created adequate infrastructure for all major outdoor games. Scholars at school have an hour-long Activity Period. This is the time when the young ones undergo physical fitness training following a scientifically made curriculum developed by our faculty and the senior students get an opportunity to chill out in the fields with a game of football, volley-ball, handball, basketball, cricket, table-tennis, badminton or swimming under the needle eye supervision of specialized coaches. They also learn the art of self defence through Karate.